5 thoughts on “Take The Step

    • Hi Abby. Lol @ yay? No worries…at the moment I am safe…still where I am but safe nonetheless. I need to prep and lay out an exit strategy that will not lead down any dangerous paths. I’m grateful that I have come across so many people’s thoughts and ideas and sharing of what worked for them. It really has opened my eyes to so many things I hadn’t thought about. I’m going to make sure when I am ready that it’s done right. Believe me, I will let you guys know when i go. Thank you for always having my safety in your thoughts and prayers…it means a lot.


      • Always I’m not sure my strategy will work for you… We got arrested then I bailed him out and then when he beat me for the last time my neighbors called the cops and the bail bondsman threatened to revoke my bond if I didn’t get a restraining order.
        The only suggestion I could give is have a copy of EVERY important document like the mortgage bank statements social security cards birth certs bc there may not be chance after to get those again and pay Stubs too. You’re gonna need them in the divorce . Also any proof of abuse bc it seems that these judges seem to think that we are all over reacting females…. My love and prayer are always with you and the kids…


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