Back to Business

How the hell did I let two weeks go by without posting something?  I blame it on the holiday season.  Everything gets extremely hectic.  Running around in preparation for everyone else to be happy while you (hopefully) sit back with your feet up and a glass of wine, completely exhausted and thankful it’s all over.  Yeah well….that’s not really the reason.  Boring old excuse…work.  Crazy busy and I am not complaining just had to put my priorities into perspective and even though I would have GLADLY chosen WP over work…truth be told, blogging doesn’t pay the bills.

However, I have been doing some behind the scenes legwork.  Overall, this journey has been the most amazing experience for me in terms of growth and understanding what I want for my future.  I can see it, smell it and even taste it.  It’s just so….so…right there.  Yet, some days I feel numb.  Paralyzed.  I know what needs to be done (massive preparation) and I have 100% faith that I will get it done.  I’m nothing if not determined and once I set my mind to something I don’t stop until I get what I want.  My peace of mind is what I want and I am so excited for what my future holds.  There is just this undeniable lingering feeling that I am somehow missing something.  No matter what plans I put down on paper, I feel as if it is not enough to actually pull it off.  Maybe it’s fear?  I don’t feel scared.  I feel capable.  But there is something.  I just can’t put my finger on it.

To further my therapeutic process, I decided to start enlisting survivors.  Those of you that made it out.  That no matter how many times you tried before, the day came where the stars aligned and your head, your heart and your body agreed and you got the hell out of there.  Those stories will be posted on my sister-blog (Your Path to Peace).


Those of you who are wiling to do so, please share with me your story of escape.  Not only for my sake but for those who are also still in an abusive situation who just cannot find their strength yet.  This may be just what is needed.  Those stories of…if I can do it…so can you.  They are powerful.  They need to be heard.  It may be more helpful then any of us are aware of.


To read from the beginning… my story starts here.


8 thoughts on “Back to Business

  1. well, here is me, all alone for a week, friday night not knowing what to do with myself, just about to go to bed or commit suicide out of simple boredom, and look who comes to my last minute rescue?! hell, i couldn’t have done better if i’d called the suicide prevention hotline, as they only would’ve encouraged me to do it. so nice to see you are back among the virtual living. “something missing”?? not for long. my christmas gift to you is on it’s way, shipped UPS, nothing much really, batteries neither included or necessary, though all six chambers are pre-loaded with hollow points. now, with such a fine gift, i expect that you will have the merriest christmas you’ve had in quite some time. do remember to flip the safety lever to the off position before activating this particular gift. also, be ready to use on christmas eve, as santa and his sleigh will be there before the neighbors have a chance to pick up the phone, and whisk you off to a new life.


      • yes, you saved my life tonight, and i thought to arrange the same for you, but just as i thought the plan fail-safe, i realized that it cannot possibly work since you are now so busy operating two blogs. i doubt you’d even have time to answer the door to receive the package, let alone take notice of dear old st. nick as you’ll be engrossed in your blogging. perhaps santa just needs to comment or reply in order to get your attention.


  2. You are welcome to my story. I will give you the short and sweet version and if you want it, I can go into more detail in the future for you. I am glad you are back, I missed you! Thanks for making this forum, It is very much needed.


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