Not Just Wishful Thinking

Today I was read by a psychic medium.

It wasn’t the first time.  The first time was at least 15 years ago and that guy read pictures and told things about what was going to happen and insanely enough…he was right on about everything he said.  Even the stuff that seemed bizarre … happened.

As for today’s reading, it was a wonderful confirmation of things that I have been hoping and praying for.  Things that I am working on and prepping for and that needed validation.

First of all, it was last minute.  I had no idea I was going so there was no prep time for him to research who I was and to feed me some crap that he could find out online.  Nope.  It was nothing like that.  He started off by telling me something that happened to my stepfather last week.  Something no one knows.  Good start.

He moved on to tell me that my maternal grandmother was present and that even though I had never met her (she died 8 days before I was born), she has been with me my whole life.  And that she was very sharp tongued and blunt when she said…my husband was dead weight.  Lol…can you imagine?

He said to me, “You are working alone in that marriage.  You take care of everything.  It’s almost as if he feels he has earned or is entitled to sitting back and you taking care of it all.  You work, you make sure everything is okay with the kids and you take care of the house.  And he does nothing.”

Continuing on he said, “Even for Christmas you did everything.  And he didn’t do a single thing and didn’t worry about it because he knew you’d take care of it.”  Now let me elaborate on how true this is…I bought the (6ft. real) tree…brought it home…put it in the stand…decorated it…decorated the front window and the house…bought ALL of the gifts and wrapped everything, etc.  Luckily, the kids and I were blessed that he had to work Christmas day.  Best gift we’ve gotten in a long time!  Point being…the medium was, yet again, correct.

He continued on to tell me how everything is going to be okay…and that there is happiness in my future.  He confirmed that once my son graduates high school the opportunity will present itself and when it does, leave.  He said, “Do not worry.  You have sacrificed your happiness for the sake of your kids for all these years.  Now it is your time.”

He told me how my marriage was solely meant for my children and nothing else.  Which is something I have said before.  I have felt for a long time my kids were a part of God’s plan and that was why I ended up with my husband.  He also brought up my Ex and confirmed things about him and about us that I already knew to be true.  So that was comforting to hear.

My grandmother had a few more choice words to say about my husband.  I believe he may have picked up on the abuse but possibly didn’t want to go there being as we only had a limited amount of time.  He also hit on other areas of my life that were very accurate. One of them being, “I don’t mean to be rude but your sex life sucks”. (As discussed in Let’s Talk About Sex so we know that’s accurate!)

There was a group of people to see him and not one of us left him without tears in our eyes.  Even the men that got a reading came back crying.  The one thing that I find strange is…he asked all the others except for me and my friend who was hosting the gathering if they had any questions for him.  He didn’t ask me that.  He straight out told me…”when you need me…call me.”  That’s the only thing I find a little creepy.

Otherwise…it was great validation to know that I am on the right path to my exit from this life.  Everything I have been feeling and been aware of for all these years seems to be accurate.  I didn’t really question my own judgment in the first place but it is comforting to know that this is something the universe is confirming and that it’s…not just wishful thinking.


To read from the beginning… my story starts here.

11 thoughts on “Not Just Wishful Thinking

  1. well my dear, i know you’ll find this terribly disappointing, but for once, i don’t have a smart-ass response. months ago, i might have made fun of this, but i made friends with someone who reads tarot cards, and she has given me a lot to think about. who know where wisdom or confirmation may come from. i think all the signs on heaven and earth point to you winning, and winning big!! peace, bob


    • I don’t mind the every now and again lack of a smart-ass response. It makes you real. Anyone can throw a wisecrack around but a straight forward opinion never hurts. Am I the friend who reads tarot cards? Or have you another? Because of that brief stint in my life I am always prepped to know when someone is coasting through a life changing career or if they have a real gift, Luckily, this man definitely had a gift. Hope all is well at your end.


      • well, it was someone else who did the actual reading and gave me a full report, but hey, if you want to read my cards to give me a second opinion i’m all for it. i don’t know about the “fortune telling” aspect of all this, but there must be something real to it. sometimes it is good for my to set aside my cynicism and sarcasm and listen to other voices for direction.


      • oh yes, cynicism and sarcasm rule!! i just need a momentary respite from them before they run off the voices in my head!! by the way, i did not respond adequately the other night as i was dead tired, but that husband of yours – quite the orator!! does he have a job in public relations?


  2. Wow, that sounds like a trip… I’ve never been to any sort of medium (except when my coworker friend and I wandered into a random tarot card reader’s shop and she was asleep on a bed and had the most terrifying eyes we’d ever seen) but I’m mildly curious…


    • You definitely have to do your homework when dealing with this type of stuff. Anyone can read tarot cards it all depends on the nonsense they add to it. When I used to read them I works for a psychic hotline and when the person would call in I would shuffle the cards until they told me to stop. Then I’d start flipping them over and reading them. I was shocked myself that what I was telling people directly from the cards they were saying was accurate. So there is definitely something to it. Mediums can supposedly speak to spirits so because I’m highly alert on what to pay attention for (as if they are grasping for answers) I stay very focused on not giving out information. And when they come back with stuff that is presently going on (like my stepfather’s health issue) then you just sit there and say … holy fucking shit. It was a trip indeed.


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