Sweet Heart Series: Day 7

I must say…this is exhausting!  Even though I’m not blogging a piece of my personal story on a daily basis, deciding on which posts I want to shine a spotlight on is not an easy decision.  I have read SO MANY good stories in such a wide variety of subjects.  Being as my personal blog is at times a pretty depressing subject (to say the least) there are moments when all I need is HUMOR.  Luckily, this chick can tell one heck of a story, not to mention draw one mean stick figure!  Enjoy…

This one was posted by: Becky Says Things

Listener, you have before you a virtuous Becky. A wholesome Becky, a saintly Becky. A Becky so pure, so unsullied by evil, that I wouldn’t be surprised if you feel a trifle overwhelmed. I feel a little overwhelmed at myself.

Yes, most admiring Listener, I have given up booze for an entire month. I have been on the sobriety wagon for the whole of November. Not a drop of alcohol has touched my lips, tickled my nasal hairs, or been dribbled down my chin. I am, to quote my good friend Mary Poppins, practically perfect in every way.

Continue reading here… Becky says things about … giving up booze for a month

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