31 Facts in 31 Days – Day 20


Domestic Abuse Survivors : 5 Reasons to Embrace Your Future

Suffering from any kind of abuse in life is something that we all experience at some point, but there are many situations that escalate further than that. Some domestic abuse survivors are so scarred by their experiences that they end up shutting themselves up to the idea of having a bright future at all.

5- Stop worrying about the kind of life that you once had

The past is in the past and it will never be the future and this is a very important thing that you need to be careful about. If you want your future to be bright you need to let go of the past. Do not become one of those people who get caught up in being stuck in the past and never let go of the things that hurt you.

4-Remember that nothing about your past has to hold you back

Your past should never hold you from your potential in the future. If you feel like you want to start a whole new life you should just go for it and move away from your current residence. Don’t get stuck in who you used to be and give yourself the chance to grow and evolve.

3-Your future is really all that you can control today

Nothing from the past can be controlled today and this is why you need to be careful not to overthink anything that already happened. You are only going to be able to create a future but never to change the past at all. This is why fighting with what once was is a waste of time and you should only work on your present and future.

2-There are all kinds of people

This means that you should never feel limited to the thought of everyone being the same. There are all kinds of people in the world and many of them will be good and others bad. Do not think that one bad experience means that the entire world is the same and that other relationships will be different. There are people who are raised in healthy environments and others who are raised in bad ones. You can’t shut your mind to the fact that in most cases you can easily tell what kind of person you are dealing with. You can easily find out more about someone and how they are by finding out about their family and their way of life.

1-Learn to be alone too

There is no rush to be with someone else and you need to learn to be in your own company. It’s better to be alone than with someone who will create drama and conflict in your life. You have to learn to be alone in order to be able to live your life happy. You will never find happiness in others until you are able to feel and experience happiness on your own. This is going to be crucial in your life and you should avoid getting into any situation with someone else until you sort your own life out.

Your future is uncertain but your actions can shape a lot of that future. You can expect to be a happier person when you stop feeling so worried about your past and focused on what you will do today to make tomorrow better. There is nothing more important than what is happening now and nothing more irrelevant that what occurred yesterday.


Fact Source:  Domestic Abuse and Domestic Violence


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