31 Facts in 31 Days – Day 26

The isolation may seem benign at first: An abuser may make snide remarks about her family, trying to distance her from them, but then say he was only joking. The isolation escalates when he suggests or insists that she work from home, or not at all. She loses contact with her co-workers. He may initiate arguments about her choice of religion; no faith pleases him, and he refuses to let her worship at church without him. She becomes completely dependent on him for a world view. His perspective infiltrates her perspective until her opinion of herself is diminished to reflect only his opinion; his reality becomes her reality. He lets her know she is useless, helpless, worthless, and nothing without him. She loses her self to him, her insight, intuition, and instinct vanishes. He owns her. Soon, the victim is asking, “Who am I? How did this happen?”

These are just a few of the signs of isolation to be wary of:

  • She rarely goes out without her partner
  • He unilaterally controls every aspect of a date
  • She is restricted from seeing family and friends
  • He controls who they see, when, where, and for how long

Show support for someone you suspect might be manipulated into isolation by an abuser. No amount of false romance is worth losing the authentic self. Maintain support systems in church, with friends, groups, and activities. They may save your life!


Fact Source:  Beyond the Tears

Fact Source:  Beauty Cares

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