31 Facts in 31 Days – Day 27

Men and women NEED to watch this video.  It exposes the vocabulary that is used to help “nurture” boys into manhood.  Whether it comes from parents, siblings, other relatives, friends, teachers, mentors or coaches – it’s just wrong.

These types of phrases can and will alter their behavior pattern and eventually have a direct result on their interactions with each other, society and potentially…their girlfriend/wife – women in general.  Not only can the choice of words used have an effect on their social skills but it can also determine their own mental health and contribute to suicidal/homicidal contemplation.

Please take three minutes of your time and watch this video.  You do not have to have a son nor do you even need to have interaction with children to understand this problem.  Let’s change the way we speak to our boys.  We are molding them into the men they will eventually become.

This alone may be the very core to ending Domestic Violence.


Fact Source:  The Representation Project
Or follow on Twitter: @TheRepProject


To read from the beginning… #MyStory starts here.


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