Domestic Violence victim regrets registering to vote after address posted on web

Something to Think About

On this Election Day, while preparing to go flex my suffrage muscles, a right that was finally institutionalized after years of protest by women who refused to take no for an answer, I came across this article. It reminded me that although the 19th Amendment grants all American women the right to vote, there are so many other rights we are not guaranteed. The right to privacy being one.

With my brain working overtime in how to stay off the grid once I leave, I’m grateful that I came across this article.  It goes to show you can never be 100% sure your information is not floating around out there, most especially in this digital era.

For Domestic Violence survivors who are already living a peaceful and serene life, and for those to follow in your footsteps, being hyper-vigilant about your safety is never off the table.

FOX31 Denver

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DENVER — Theresa VanDerhoof has spent the past 14 years avoiding her violent ex-husband.

“He`s thrown me down the stairs, he`s punched me so hard that it`s broken ribs,” said VanDerhoof, adding, “He’d put notes on my car.  He would follow me, he`d figure out where I was.”

Even now, Vanderhoof sleeps with mace under her pillow and every few months she Googles herself, to make sure her address and phone number don’t appear online.

Her stomach sank three weeks ago when she discovered all her personal information on the website “ColoradoVoters.Info.”

“I`ve never felt that violated in all my life.  My information is out there now, my ex-husband does one search of my name, he`s going to find me,” said VandDerhoof.

The Denver area woman never guessed that registering to vote for the first time in more than a decade would make her feel…

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