Super Bowl vs. Domestic Violence

Yes, I’m a football fan.  Not a FANATIC but I do enjoy the sport.  Watching it…and in my youth…playing it.  I was a cheerleader in high school but at that time I wasn’t in it for the sport.  Years later, my ex-boyfriend taught me about the game.  The real details, and because he loved it I paid attention and learned.  I may not watch every game or even an entire game but I can sit and not be bored by it.

After I was married, well into the whole abuse issue, I remember once hearing a statistic that Super Bowl Sunday was the most dangerous day of the year for women in abusive relationships.  I thought to myself, thank God my husband doesn’t like football – not only football, pretty much no sports at all.  Whew!  Right?  Not really.  According to more recent data it seems these reports were not accurate and the information was taken out of context.

Read more here:  Does Domestic Violence Really Increase on Super Bowl Sunday?

The original reports sounded legit.  You have an abusive partner who is watching the game so intently that the sight of you sends them into a frenzy.  I picture it as: walking in front of the television screen, asking questions about the game, maybe not bringing him a cold beer fast enough.  Sure, why not?  It makes perfect sense.  But apparently, it isn’t so.  There have even been stats to say that Sunday in general is a high volume day for reports of Domestic Abuse.

I’m not sure why all the double talk.  With as many reports of DV incidents that take place, there are slews of cases that never get reported.  How hard is it to document the real information?  Personally, it makes sense that Super Bowl Sunday would be a day of high call volume.  Just because – out of sight, out of mind.  If your abuser is watching the game, the reality of them wanting you within eyeshot is pretty low.   So, why not take this opportunity of making that secret phone call?  Packing a bag and sneaking out the back door to go to a shelter?  This may be the only opportunity some people have.

Do I think it is the most dangerous day of the year for women in abusive relationships?  No.  Not at all.  That’s because EVERY day of the year is dangerous.  The most dangerous for one person is a cake walk for another.  My husband gets seasonal depression over the holidays.  Why not take that opportunity for a murder/suicide?  Yet, for me … Super Bowl Sunday … cake walk.

There is even an article on disproving the theory:  Super Bull Sunday

One thing I will say to the NFL is…THANK YOU.  Finally, you have no choice but to stand up and take notice of the Domestic Violence situation.  Yes, it was only because one player got caught, which lead to a sort of domino effect.  With the amount of sports teams and players there are – they’ve barely opened a can of worms.  But for now – they are doing what they can to show some sort of support.  Even if the ones that have to approve the #NoMore PSA are abusers themselves – good. Choke on it.

And for every man and woman, abuser and victim, silent neighbor and advocate who is watching the Super Bowl today — a seed will be planted.


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