Infinity House Magazine Interview – Part 2 of 3

“We believe your story has the opportunity of inspiring our readers and even us here…”

In the beginning, there was no way I would have believed anyone if they said that by telling my story I’d be helping others who may be or may have been in the same predicament as I was.  I could not comprehend how that would make sense, especially since I am still here.  I remember the first time someone said to me that…my story inspired her.  I thought to myself, HOW?  WHY?  I DON’T GET IT.  On some level, I still don’t.

Then I think about all of the people who have reached out to me.  Everyone’s kind words, advice, and words of encouragement (even the few negative comments), have made a lasting impression.  All of the stories I’ve read, the stories shared with me about how they left, every word… has touched me in some way.  Men who have told me their stores of verbal and physical abuse have left me speechless.

If telling my story has done that for one person, then I guess it was well worth it.  I didn’t know the effect any of this would have on me but now that I do, I would never trade that feeling.

The Real Reasons I Stay

Many people on reading … would have asked the same thing: why doesn’t she just leave?  Here we explore … exactly why it isn’t that easy…

Infinity House Magazine - Part 2


To read from the beginning… #MyStory starts here.

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