I’ve been staring blindly at this canvas,
and the reality of what’s in front of me
is nothing more than a blank painting.
At least that’s all my eyes can see.

But the imagery flickering inside my head
plays on continuously, without an end.
A silent movie only I can see,
As I watch and cry … and repeat.

Somewhere from within the voices say
this is my punishment for walking away.
Each time we decide to stop and start
are lessons meant to torment my heart.

Even still, I will never wish it away.
No matter the scar stripes or pain.
You’re my dirty addiction, I’m hooked,
each time your voice calls my name.

Secretive meetings, at least to some,
all part of that rush, risking temptation.
When it becomes too real for you, with respect,
I follow your lead and do as you do.

Pursuing redemption has been
the ultimate back story of my life.
Since the day I walked out of yours
instead of becoming your wife.

So here I am left, to wonder,
which existence is real.
That one which I can see
or the one which I can feel.

Maybe I am sleeping.
Maybe it’s all a dream.
Maybe when I awaken,
you’ll be lying next to me.

Ode to wishful thinking.


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This #ComboPrompt is a compilation of the following prompts:

Issued by #ashverse – “blank painting” & “walking away”

Issued by #poetheme – Theme of the week “see”

Issued by #capturedpoets – “punishment”

Issued by #WordVerse – “scar stripes”

Issued by #HeartSoup – “dirty addiction”

Issued by #soulhoot – “your voice”

Issued by #MadVerse – “pursuing redemption” & “risking temptation”

Issued by #Magick_Words – “respect”

Issued by #AMSPC – “wishful thinking”


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