So, there are a couple of things I’ve noticed with all of these micropoetry (140 characters or less) prompts all over twitter.

1) It is NOT easy to work 140 characters!

2) Most of my “shorts” come up untitled.

I figure I’m lucky enough to get my point across in so few words let alone figure out a title.  🙂

Thought it would be fun just to throw a few I’ve done in the past couple of days on here for you guys to see.

The first one was a picture/word prompt for #cdpoetry issued by ColdDarkPoetry on Twitter.  This was the picture given and the word prompt was “Dawn of the Dead”.  Here was my take on it:

If only I were a zombie
I’d rip you of your flesh
a pound for a pound
maybe drop kick your head
oh how intoxicating

My next venture of the was for #ashverse issued by Ashverse on Twitter.  The word prompt was “Scattered Clouds”.  I liked this one a lot and need to find a good picture to put it to:

Watching the
scattered clouds
pass me by
ever so slowly.
Each one,
a reminiscent
emotional twang,
tugs at my

New #MadVerse for 2/20 no.246
Issued by: Lady of the Storms on Twitter
Prompt: “Ride the thunder”

On slow work days this is how I pass the time.  Hope you enjoyed.


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