Just A Few Words

I’m in a bit of a mood this week.  Trying to write but can’t get out what I want to say.  Not sure what’s up exactly.  Actually, I do but it’s too much to sort through at the moment.  An emotional typhoon if you will.

Here are a few scribbles I was able to get out yesterday.

Prompt: touch of words

Pride can take a man through twists and turns when hiding true feelings yet a simple touch of words is all a woman really needs. #RavensVeil

Prompt: your pain

As you speak of your pain, I can recall each lashing, venomous word, threat of death and dismemberment, and thank Karma profusely. #Soulhoot

Prompt: one sunny day

One sunny day
I shall awaken
in a comfortable bed
with a peaceful mind
surrounded by silence
and you will be but
a distant memory.

Prompt: sands of time
Prompt: ready to break

Securely I stand
ready to break
the hourglass
keeping the
sands of time
so I can toss this
book into the flames.

Prompt: relentless

Never fear, relentless pursuit of happiness, the time is near. #TenWordJournal

Prompt: elusive

The ever elusive someday, one day, yesterday, the next day and the other day. Don’t look back or ahead. Be in the now. Today. #Magick_Words


You can view more of my words HERE.

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