Organizing My Life

Since my life has been in disarray for so long, my organizational urges have fallen to the wayside.  Well, maybe not the urge but the execution is almost non-existent.  There are some things I am still anal about but for a while now I just gave up and stopped caring.  And since I’ve started to purge and get rid of some crap that I no longer need it’s become more apparent just how much I’ve let organizing slip out of my fingers.  Not completely, it does depend on what room it is.

For example, in the kitchen I am the “Sleeping With the Enemy” character to the fullest.  All of my cans and spices are facing forward and in a certain order.  Of course, I know when something is moved out of place and it drives me insane.  I guess that would be considered some sort of OCD.  I’ve been that way since I was a teenager but I’m not sure how that actually came about.  Although…

My mother was is an avid cleaner.  She used to keep the couch cushions standing up during the day when no one was home because she thought it kept their shape and sturdiness better.  I’m not sure if doing this helped or not but our couch always looked brand new and the cushions were firm for as long as I can remember – I’m sure that had nothing to do with the actual manufacturing.  And we always had nice plush carpeting which needed to be vacuumed daily – sometimes more than once – but no matter what, we had to -at all times- make the carpet look as if no one walked on it by taking the sweeper part of the vacuum and dragging it all in one direction as we backed up out of the living room. Okay, now I see where it may come from. Lol.

As far as bathrooms go, it takes minimal effort to keep that organized as well (kids aside).  I have containers under the sink to hold all the smaller items that might just get tossed in and lost so that the next person looking for said item has to move everything else (without putting it back in place) to find it.  Also, most items, okay all items have their assigned side under the cabinet.  I don’t think this is obsessive.  I’m sure most people are the same way as far as the bathroom goes.  And although I just redid the bathroom décor, I’m not nearly as crazed with changing it up as my mother was when I lived at home; our bathroom got a makeover every 3-4 months.

Let’s not even get started on the closets.  While I still had some semblance of control over each of my children’s closets, I had everything perfect.  Short sleeves, long sleeves, sweatshirts, coats.  If the mood struck me, sometimes within each section there would be subdivisions of the same colors or styles.  That didn’t always last though.  And of course, hangers had to match.  If I had enough, there would be a different color for each section.  Now, I can’t even look in the closets.  When I do, my brain goes into some type of shock and I immediately want to empty it entirely and start from scratch.  Oh, my beautiful organized closets…where have you gone?  Ok, maybe I’ve said too much. 🙂

Now we come to my own personal space.  My desk.  This is where I spend the bulk of the day and no one else is allowed near it.  I have (accumulated) “important” pieces of mail, birthday cards I don’t want to throw away, notebooks that I start for some reason or another as well as random items such as pill jars, hand sanitizer, collectible shot glasses (now holding pennies) and oh yes…let’s not forget the four bottles of holy water that I refuse to throw away.  Yes.  FOUR.  I mean…it’s holy water.  How can I just throw it out?  The point is, to some, my desk looks like a mess but it’s an organized mess.  I know where everything is and if anything is moved I can see it immediately.  I guess since I am facing it for so many hours at a time my eyes are trained to see it a certain way.

All of this may sound ridiculous to some, either because it’s too organized or because it’s not organized enough.  I’d agree with the latter.  I am SO looking forward to being on my own because I know that everything will be kept the way I put it the first time.  The more I get rid of things the more I know what I want to fill my future living space with.  Plus with downsizing from a family of five to just me, wherever I end up living will be a lot smaller and I’m fine with that.  I’ve never been a materialistic person so I don’t need all the bells and whistles – just the basics.

I’ve been looking around on Pinterest and there are so many awesome ideas.  I can spend the entire day looking at all of them.  For years, I’ve imagined what it would be like when I leave here and start a new life on my own and now that it’s within eyeshot, I have started to vividly imagine my colors and décor…and now my organization.  Here are a few of my favorites so far:

I am in love with this wine rack/towel holder idea.  I’ve seen it on a few ‘storage ideas’ websites.  It looks great and makes sense, especially for those who don’t have a linen closet.  Perfect idea in case you have company or forget to bring one in with you, towels are at hand, and it keeps them looking uniform which is a definite plus.

Now this is what under the bathroom sink should look like. I love the shelving and the way every space is utilized.  Since I will be downsizing quite a bit, I’m not sure I’d need as many drawers that are on the right in the first photo. I think the drawers in the second photo would work just fine for me.

Moving on to the kitchen. I’ve never had a pantry but I’ve seen quite a few.  This one is pretty much a work of art.  I especially love the spaces for the baking trays and cutting boards that are on the top right.  I’m not sure if anyone who has their pantry organized this way actually keeps it looking this way but I think I’d be able to pull that off. Again, the less hands involved the more things stay in their place.

This is a very cute idea. Love that the k-cups have their own space. Some of the holders I’ve seen are bulky or look a little kitschy. The only downside to this, I think, would be looking for a certain flavor and having to pull out each sleeve to search for it. The upside, no extra crap on the counter and plenty of storage space.

Okay, now this is serious business.  I’m not sure I’d opt for this specific style, but I am diggin’ the whole {pull out a drawer to reach all of my pots and pans} vibe.  My pots and pans are already pretty organized but I’m all for not having to move things around to get something from the back or bending down to reach something from the back of the bottom shelf.

I’ve already discussed my closet skills above so no need to show a pic for that part of the house but here are two ideas that I am seriously loving…

Putting the sheet set into one of it’s own pillow cases…great idea!

I’ve never seen this outlet/nightlight before but now I know I want one in every room.

What are some of your favorite ideas for organizing?


2 thoughts on “Organizing My Life

  1. I have been doing the pillow case w the sheet set in it for years and it works great. People think I am weird for doing it that way but I feel so justified now!

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