Strawberries and Flowers

Special thanks to Ronovan, who after being sick and having not such a great week, still fulfilled his blogations and posted this week’s Haiku Challenge right on time. And I, for one, am glad he did.  You don’t have to be into writing poetry to be into his blog.  He’s got a lot more going on than haiku.  Definitely check it out.

Although new prompts are posted every Monday, I usually take a day or two or seven and let the words marinate before I commit to my haiku.  This week’s words seemed to have so much flavor that I was able to get out two, haiku.

My entry for this week’s

RonovanWrites Weekly #Haiku
#Poetry Prompt Challenge #36

Prompts: Field & Beacon

Haiku #1
Her beacon of hope,
Contemplating the next move,
Waits in flower fields.

Haiku #2
I can hear John sing,
Strawberry Fields, forever
a beacon of peace.


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