Realistic Dreams

Under the dark moon, by the light of a faint lantern,
I am captivated by your adoring chestnut eyes,
as they are entranced in the cerulean depth of my own.

Unbridled passion increases into an animalistic frenzy
with instinctual urgency to fulfill each other’s needs.
All the while verbal communication is unnecessary.

Yet another night I’ve awakened from my dreams
as a thousand yesterdays replay within my psyche.
Each one continually leading us in the same direction.

Indeed, if our eyes are the doorway to the soul,
we can slumber peacefully knowing our yesterdays
will turn into our tomorrow sooner than we think.


See this poem on Pinterest.

This #ComboPrompt is a compilation of the following prompts:

Issued by #ashverse – “dark moon” & “faint lantern”

Issued by #Magick_Words – “awaken” & “the soul”

Issued by #WrittenRiver – “a thousand yesterdays”


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