Sweet Dreams

Another week…another Haiku.  Thanks as always to Ronovan, who puts an unnatural amount of effort into putting this all together.  He truly is dedicated not only to the Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge segment of his blog but numerous other blogventures.  You should really check it out.

As for this week’s word prompt, to be honest…I wasn’t loving it. Sorry, Ron.  Not for any specific reason.  They’re not hard words to fit into a poem so I’m not sure what my hesitation was.  Maybe I have a disdain for the word foul?  And sweet is not really a description I’d use for myself. 🙂 So, who knows.

Whatever the reason for my subconscious wanting no part of it, here I am.  I ignored the challenge all week but now the weekend is here and the deadline approaches.  And so it seems, the more I dislike the word prompts the more pleased I am with the results.

Another two from me this week.  These were two separate Haiku written in the reverse order.  Once I saw the words on the screen though, I thought they’d go better together as one full poem if I changed the order in which they were written.  Thus, Sweet Dreams.

Your foul stench lingers,
As my lungs gasp for fresh air,
Sweet freedom blows in.

It was a sweet thought,
Happily ever after,
Turned foul in your hands.


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5 thoughts on “Sweet Dreams

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