Heart & Soul

Her Haiku are…micro chapters of her autobiography. They tell a story. You can tell where she is and what she is thinking in the moment. In other words, her Haiku are honest.” — Ronovan

For those of you that don’t know, Ronovan, the host of the Weekly Haiku Challenge that I participate in, does an end of the week review, a round-up, if you will, of all the Haiku challenge participants.  He is always kind in his reviews, even when at times he doesn’t connect with the poetry.  His goal, I believe, is to have everyone read each other’s work and support one another.

The quote above is just a fraction of the beautifully kind words he wrote of my work.  (To read in full, click here.)  I think I appreciated these words above all other weeks’ reviews because I know that he gets it – what I’m trying to do with Haiku.  The fact that my poetry is reflecting my story and what’s in my head at the moment AND the fact that people -get it- means a lot.

That being said, this week’s word prompts are New & Time.  These two words are almost custom made for my story.  There is so much I could do with them.  However, staying true to what’s in my head and my heart at this moment, which is even lighter than last week, I can’t help but end up with a somewhat softer and mushier Haiku.  And because the mush overfloweth, this week there are three for you…of my Haiku.  I hope you enjoy.

Time spent together,
Reminiscing of young love,
Making new mem’ries.

As a new day dawns,
We breathe in rhythm and rhyme,
Our hearts know no time.

Twin flames burn as one,
Two souls forever embraced,
Thus, the time is near.

I just realized I didn’t put ‘new’ into the third haiku but I like it as is so my brain is refusing to think of a proper adjustment using the word new.  I’m leaving it the way it is.


You can read more of my Haiku here

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