Just Rambling

As I sit here, with a butt load of work, my mind keeps trailing off. Thinking about this and that.  A little of everything and nothing in general.  My life, my path, my accomplishments, my good days and bad days, my writing, my blog, my poetry, the silly things that make me smile and the handful of people in my life that I love unconditionally.  Just a few moments (or an hour) of reflection.  I’m not really sure what brought it on.  Or why I decided to come here and write about it.  Something in me just said — say it out loud.

I spent a few minutes rereading some of my last few posts.  Some of it made me laugh because I wondered what people thought about some of the poetry I’ve written – the lovey dovey stuff.  When you come to this blog, and see the title of it, the last thing anyone expects to see is a sappy love poem.  So I should just say now…NONE of those are for my abuser. Lol. The thought of anyone even thinking that (eww) makes me nauseous.

Since I started writing poetry as a teenager, and throughout my life, I’ve only been able to write what is happening to me.  Whether happy or sad, it’s always been an emotional journey.  Literally, my life on paper (or a screen).  As I read other people’s poetry, I often wonder if they are writing about something in their own lives or if they are one that can just write beautiful words that go together in such a way it strikes a chord with anyone who reads it.

I’d think – for poetry especially – there has to be some thread that ties it to the writer’s life, thoughts, feelings.  Even fiction writers, in my opinion, probably start with some small seed of truth and spin from that.  For me, I have the two extremes to pull from.  If you’ve read my blog since it’s inception, you’d know I’ve somehow managed to live a double life.  Love on one side … marriage on the other.  So at least it helps to give whatever I write a little…texture.  There’s the good and the evil, the happy and the sad…the occasional sap and the (very) borderline erotica.  What can I say, it’s who I am.  😉

Anyway, that’s all I have to say, which was basically nothing.  I’m glad to be part of this WordPress community and at least have somewhere nice go when my mind wanders.  Thanks for taking the trip with me and guiding me through your own adventures.

Back to work for me.  Enjoy your day.

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