Rewind, Rethink, Recreate

When did my Battered Wife blog become infused with poetry?  Well, it was just about a little over a year ago.  Who is responsible?  We can blame (or thank) RonovanWrites for that. 🙂

This is Week #52 for the Haiku Challenge Master, Ronovan.  However, I found his blog on Week #8.  Since it was still a relatively new challenge, I decided to back track and enter in a haiku for each week I had missed.  Therefore, Week #60 will actually be my official … Year in Haiku.

RonovanRewind: This week, Ronovan decided to do a flashback and reuse the prompts from Week #1.  I wrote my Haiku for this week and then looked back at what I wrote a year ago.

#52 – Prompts: Silent & Loud
Silent excitement, building anticipation.
Building anticipation, time to live out loud.

#1 – Prompts: Silent & Loud
Hiding with a smile, her painfully silent tears.
Her painfully silent tears, so loud, no one hears.

To me, the saying is true…what a difference a year makes!  What do you think?

16 thoughts on “Rewind, Rethink, Recreate

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  2. Love seeing the growth. I like the term thera-blogging. It is something I will share with my therapist in her office. She encourages me to write and is the one I go to for a confidence talk regarding my writing. Her sight is better than mine in seeing what I hold inside and release into the world.

    The most recent Haiku lifts one up. The first, one feels the pain. It is a necessity to express the dichotomies. jk

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    • It’s funny that you say your therapist can see what is within your writing. A friend of mine sees my writing in such a different way than I do. Always saying how deep, or emotionally raw, etc. it is. And I’m like…what are you reading?? It’s a good feeling when we’re able to heal through our writing and have others feel it. I think that means we are headed in the right direction.

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      • I love what you have written. So much of what you write, I feel those responses inside of me. It is good to have the support. It feels like someone is seeing you differently but in a good way and they reflect you back on yourself so you can see into the depth in the mirror image.

        It sounds like we are both on the path which is headed in the best direction. jk 🙂

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      • That’s exactly it. Thanks so much for reading and offering commentary. I so appreciate it. Let’s me know people are actually reading and getting it. Have a wonderful day! 🙂

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