Healing Wounds

Today’s prompt words made me think of the phrase “Not all wounds are visible.”  Along with my own personal story, there are many others that have been through the same situation.  There are some out there that think because there is not physical violence that they are not in an abusive situation.

This haiku is for all of us.

Haiku Challenge #56

Prompts: Luck & Hope
Time will heal all wounds,
Hopefully that phrase is true,
If so, we’re lucky.


24 thoughts on “Healing Wounds

    • You better get some rest and take whatever medication you are supposed to. And try to disappoint us (Haikumily) once in a while…otherwise you’re bound to become my hero! Feel better!


  1. Time makes most things fade, but don’t the wounds remain dormant in the tangible and intangible scars? I am hopeful the scars can be made to disappear, if we are lucky.

    An important, yet subtle observation, your Haiku. Good thoughts went in to writing it. jk 🙂

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  3. It’s hard to know what to say, since on this subject there’s always SO MUCH to say. I stayed silent, then bailed a week before my 3rd anniversary, got a divorce–and felt guilty, since a good Christian wife shouldn’t leave her husband….no one in our church (he was in church with me every Sunday, so looked the part of a “Godly spouse”) ever contacted me to ask what happened, or did I need any help, was I okay? Neither of our families asked, either. I didn’t talk about the abuse till 15 yrs after the divorce. I’m not sure there is complete healing for everyone–and I could feel guilty for saying that, but I choose not to. I’m contentedly alone, never having regained sufficient trust to seek a new husband.

    So I don’t have any easy advice–just that at some point, we must do good things for ourselves, not wait for someone else to do them for us. One of the things I did was buy myself diamond rings–because the ex said I’d “have to earn them”, and apparently in 3 yrs of slavery I had not accomplished that. I love these diamonds–they symbolize A LOT: strength, courage, self-worth, determination, love, joy, Faith and freedom. Sorry if I’ve run-on too long. God bless you Abundantly.

    PS–I just noticed your “not featured on freshly pressed” badge–is that available to anyone??

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    • No worries, I love long comments. It means whoever is reading really connected to what I posted and put a lot of thought into their response. I completely get what you’re saying. And honestly, with all of the other stories I’ve come across, I don’t judge any one who has suffered any form of abuse on their actions or inactions. We all made different decisions for different reasons going by what was best for ourselves during our plight. Thank you SO MUCH for reaching out. I truly appreciate it. Enjoy your diamonds!

      As for the blog awards, others had nominated me for what you see posted. It’s kind of a “follow the rules” thing but I guess that depends on where you fall under the rule followers guidelines. 😉


      • I’m chuckling over the “rule following”–when I started blogging 4 years ago, I was really into the blog awards; but not anymore, as it takes much time and energy to do them justice–and I’d rather use my resources for writing. Thank YOU for who you are–open, authentic and genuine, and welcoming to others struggling because of abuse. I keep thinking, “how can it still be so widespread in this day and age??!!”

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      • Haha, I’m the first to admit I always struggled with following the rules. 🙂

        You’re too kind, “open, authentic and genuine” is the only way I know how to be. Maybe it comes from all the years living a lie…so I had to be truthful in all other aspects.

        I too wonder about how the heck abuse is still so widespread. And the only thing I can come up with is that it’s still every victim’s dirty little secret. So that’s why those who can safely do so need to speak up.


      • Actually, I think the reason is considerably bleaker–women are speaking up, but not being heard–or often silenced by murder. I knew that if I told anyone in the early 70’s, I would be told to “stop being so dramatic”. I also think there’s an economic factor–it takes money to “get away” to a safe place, and for the legal expenses usually involved, and then there’s the matter of supporting oneself; some women don’t have the education or skills to immediately get a job. It’s all so depressing to think about….

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