A Year in Haiku

You know that old adage, time flies when you’re having fun? Looks like there is definitely some truth to that statement.  Well, time flies by anyway so why not do something you enjoy.  At least you’ll have something to look forward to on a daily (or weekly) basis. I can hardly believe a year has passed since I stumbled upon RonovanWrites and his Weekly Haiku Prompt Challenge.

While on Twitter, I started noticing all these little poems people were posting.  They were so wordy and full of meaning in only 140 characters.  Each had a different hashtag but as days went on I’d notice the same hashtags pop up on different poems.  I thought maybe it was a certain theme or topic but I just couldn’t figure out the link.  Finally, I asked one of the women I met through my blog, who I noticed was a participant in this poetry, what it was all about.  She explained about poetry prompts and gave me the names of a few accounts to check out on Twitter.

Long story short, I eventually found this Weekly Haiku Prompt Challenge in it’s 8th week.  Initially, I was like… ugh, Haiku?  What the heck is Haiku anyway?  I remember hearing about it in grade school when we had brief lessons on poetry style but that was about it.  Luckily, Ronovan had a section on his blog that explained exactly what Haiku is.  Three lines of poetry, each line is broken down into syllables (5/7/5), the 1st & 2nd lines should be a complete sentence and the 2nd & 3rd lines should also be a complete sentence.  And if you’ve mastered the art, your Haiku will have two opposing themes.

I tried my hand at it.  It’s definitely not easy to write only three lines of poetry that has real meaning, let alone having to count syllables.  However, once you get the knack of it, it’s very rewarding.  In fact, I enjoyed it so much, after my first try, I went back and made up for the ones I had missed since there were only 7.  I’ve participated in every week’s challenge, some weeks I had more to say than others and came up with more than one Haiku.  And now, here we are at Week #60.  My year in Haiku has been nothing short of amazing.  The other bloggers that participate have become regulars and I always look forward to reading their entries as well.

If you are inclined, all of my Haiku are here, for you to enjoy.

#60 – Prompts: Bridge & Move
To move our readers,
Finding ways to bridge intr’sts,
Poetry is one.

#59 – Prompts: Bird & Red (1 of 2)
Flying from their nests,
Non-stop tears and a red nose,
Your baby has grown,

#59 – Prompts: Bird & Red (2 of 2)
A breathtaking bird,
Beautiful red cardinal.
From winter to fall.

#58 – Prompts: Rise & Save (See pic)
A measly attempt,
Saving one’s soul from Satan,
Few make ascension.

#57 – Prompts: Must & Bust
We must try harder,
To understand each other,
Seize traits in common.

#56 – Prompts: Luck & Hope
Time will heal all wounds,
Hopefully that phrase is true,
If so, we’re lucky.

#55 – Prompts: Five & Thrive (1 of 2)
Someone is missing,
While another pleads the fifth,
Live, laugh, love and thrive.

#55 – Prompts: Five & Thrive (2 of 2)
With my five fingers,
I can make the Vulcan sign,
Live long and prosper.

#54 – Prompts: Free & Think (See pic)
Nevermind your thoughts,
As I view my reflection,
Freedom looks so good.

#53 – Prompts: Guide & Mad
Our lives are fleeting,
Choosing anger will rob you,
Let peace guide your days.

#52 – Prompts: Silent & Loud (See pic)
Silent excitement,
Builds great anticipation,
Time to live out loud.

#51 – Prompts: Future & Give (See pic)
Give faith a fair chance,
Believing in the unknown,
Can bless your future.

#50 – Prompts: Gain & Hound (See pic)
With age comes knowledge,
Always choose love over lust,
Steer clear of mongrels.

#49 – Prompts: Lock & Gab (See clip)
Incessant chatter,
Filled with mundane rhetoric,
Fasten the muzzle.

#48 – Prompts: Inspire & Loss (See pic)
No matter the loss,
You can find inspiration,
And gain perspective.

#47 – Prompts: Water & Bard
Bard you say is me,
When sorrow pours from my pen,
With an ocean’s depth.

#46 – Prompts: Think & Fresh (See pic)
No past memories,
When I think of the future,
A fresh start excites.

#45 – Prompts: Pitch & Time
Weekly prompts are pitched,
Usual suspects join in,
Must finish on time.

#44 – Prompts: Charge & Lovers (See pic)
Their chapter and verse,
Lovers cloaked by the shadows,
Valiantly take charge.

#43 – Prompts: Source & Thought
This beautiful man,
The source of my every thought,
Faith, hope and focus.

#42 – Prompts: Love & Last
I was your first love,
Falling deep and forever,
You will be my last.

#41 – Prompts: Want & Tatters (See clip)
Set in wanton ways,
A wood chipper turns me on,
Oh, how it tatters.

#40 – Prompts: New & Time
Time spent together,
Reminiscing of young love,
Making new mem’ries.

As a new day dawns,
We breathe in rhythym and rhyme,
Our hearts know no time.

Twin flames burn as one,
Two souls forever embraced,
Thus, the time is near.

#39 – Prompts: Vie & Reach
A far reach for love,
To vie for one’s attention,
Countless ways to end.

#38 – Prompts: Ill & Rest (See pic)
Your ill fate is sealed,
No one escapes Karma’s wrath,
Best to get your rest.

#37 – Prompts: Foul & Sweet
It was a sweet thought,
Happily ever after,
Turned foul in your hands.

Your foul stench lingers,
As my lungs gasp for fresh air,
Sweet freedom blows in.

#36 – Prompts: Field & Beacon (1 of 2)
Her beacon of hope,
Contemplating the next move,
Waits in flower fields.

#36 – Prompts: Field & Beacon (2 of 2)
I can hear John sing,
Strawberry Fields, forever
a beacon of peace.

#35 – Prompts: Miss & Past
That place in the past,
When life was simple and pure,
Oh, how I miss it.

#34 – Prompts: Beast & Day
Fresh start with daylight,
Inner beast remains at bay,
Until darkness calls.

#33 – Prompts: Fame & War (1 of 2)
Dreams of infamy,
Thoughts on how to end this war,
Battle your own mind.

#33 – Prompts: Fame & War (2 of 2)
Enemy lines drawn,
Lose this battle win the war,
With no claim to fame.

#32 – Prompts: Rare & Harsh
Harsh reality,
Secrets veiled with a smile,
Genuine joy, rare.

#31 – Prompts: Wait & Move (See pic)
Two hearts in limbo,
Out of sight means out of mind,
Both wait for one move.

#30 – Prompts: Force & Free (See pic)
Force will not reveal,
Winning hand held tight chested,
Nothing trumps freedom.

#29 – Prompts: Fret & Chill
Go ahead and grieve,
Longing to mend past actions,
Chills your very core.

#28 – Prompts: Pop & Fail
New bundle of joy,
Too young to be mom and pop,
Love and marriage fail.

#27 – Prompts: Joy & Freedom (View pic)
Visions of freedom,
The taste, touch and smell of it,
A joyous silence.

#26 – Prompts: Empty & Bedlam
Awake and prepared,
Able to thrive in bedlam,
and slumber in peace.

#25 – Prompts: New & Old
With new horizons,
Shadows of the old linger,
As long as allowed.

#24 – Prompts: Innocence & Life
Claim your innocence,
With no tears for the life lost,
Contemplate your own.

#23 – Prompts: Night & Breathe
Dreaming vividly,
Overnight hours rush by,
Leaving me breathless.

#22 – Prompts: Belong & Run
The heart belongs free,
With no deed of ownership,
Free to run and soar.

#21 – Prompts: View & Revenge
In view of your death,
Revenge is most desired,
Justice is prayed for.

#20 – Prompts: Hunt & Wind
Pursuing the truth,
Quite the tiresome journey,
Winded by deceit.

#19 – Prompts: Deep & Truth
A character strength or flaw,
Depends on the depth.

#18 – Prompts: Stress & Hold (See pic)
Secrets held in vain,
Stressful burden no longer,
Peace of mind awaits.

#17 – Prompts: Focus & Stray
Her mischievous grin,
Focused on the passing clouds,
Straying thought to thought.

#16 – Prompts: Haunt & Release
An err in judgment,
Haunting images released,
With peace yet to come.

#15 – Prompts: Promise & Gift
If your heart is true,
The gift of life resonates,
Promises abound.

#14 – Prompts: Shine & Potential
Dare to shine, just know,
Potential is subjective,
A work in progress.

#13 – Prompts: Spirit & Flight (See pic)
Focused on the moon,
My spirit is awakened,
Yearning to take flight.

#12 – Prompts: Study & Creature (See pic)
Wistfully study,
Every move, step, glance and breath,
Beckon the creature.

#11 – Prompts: Drive & Psycho
Battles neither one will win,
Fuels drive for exit.

#10 – Prompts: Create & Destroy
With clouds in my eyes,
Hopes and dreams are created,
While destruction lurks.

#9 – Prompts: Fluffy & Rainbow
Her flowing tears end,
The fluffy tissues are gone,
A rainbow remains.

#8 – Prompts: Rage & Flammable (My 1st Haiku)
His flammable rage,
Sears in to her very soul.
Relief when she’s cold.

#7 – Prompts: Pain & Peace
Colorful canvas,
Full of sacrifice and pain,
Yet peaceful and sane.

#6 – Prompts: Flare & Shadow (See pic)
Her bruises burning,
Like heat from a thousand flares,
The shade keeps her cool.

#5 – Prompts: Cold & Heat
Hot passionate hate,
Cutting to his very core,
Coldly she wants more.

#4 – Prompts: Acceptance & Rejection
Accepting no more,
She rejects his tearful pleas,
As she packs her bags.

#3 – Prompts: Chaos & Calm
Sheer chaotic wrath,
Pounding calmly at her door,
The devil wants more.

#2 – Prompts: Turtle & Snail
Years pass by swiftly,
With the speed of a turtle,
The snail tries to leave.

#1 – Prompts: Silent & Loud (See pic)
Hiding with a smile,
Her painfully silent tears.
So loud, no one hears.


More of my poetry pics are on Pinterest.


22 thoughts on “A Year in Haiku

    • What can I say? Because of you, I fell for Haiku. It’s been a pleasure being here every week and I’m in great company. Everyone that participates has been inspiring.

      As for you and “Juliette”…hmm. After flip flopping through names for a few weeks, you got stuck on Juliette or maybe it was the writer in you that picked that name with a twist on the spelling…Oh Ronovan Ronovan wherefore art thou Ronovan. 🙂

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