Blue Skies

RonovanWrites Weekly Haiku
Poetry Prompt Challenge #71

This week’s prompt words are:  Cover & Color

haiku 71 pic

Like a warm blanket,
Azure skies are a backdrop,
To fluffy white clouds.

Four things to remember when writing haiku:

  • You have three lines of poetry.
  • 17 total syllables in the 5/7/5 pattern.
  • You normally tell two opposite images in the poem.
  • Lines one and two should read as a complete sentence and lines two and three should read as a complete sentence.

Notice the word normally. You can have the poem be about aspects of the same thing, but normally you look at it from two different ways.

I almost never think of the opposing themes when first writing the haiku.  My initial thoughts are to fit the words into something that sounds decent and then I check my syllable use.  If I’m somewhat happy with what popped out of my brain, I’ll knead the words until I’m satisfied enough to share the finished product.

Like a warm blanket, azure skies are a backdrop.
Azure skies are a backdrop to fluffy white clouds.

Although it was not consciously my intent, I think the contrast in colors of azure and white work well enough as an opposing image.


12 thoughts on “Blue Skies

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    Not sure how why the ping back for our friend Juliette’s Haiku delayed coming in until after Annette’s comment, but here we are. Either that or I’m seriously confused about something. Imagine that! Click on through and support her Haiku on her blog.

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    • I wasn’t going to say anything until the rewind…lol. On my computer I see the pingback before her post but I don’t know how that works in wordpress land. No harm done. I still luv ya. 🙂


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  3. Your Haiku creates the same image in my head as the perfectly chosen photo. Azure is one of my favourite words, since Grade six, and thanks to Readers Digest. I couldn’t wait to use it in my next English composition. I had lots of azure skies that year. Thanks for the memory prompt. 🙂

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