I thought you should know, I’m in love. I can’t eat. I can’t sleep. I can barely concentrate at work. It’s all I’ve been thinking about. Micropoetry has won my heart.

Yes…I’m a mess.  (<- that was not an example)

For those who don’t know (I was one of you only days ago), since we live in a world of constant texts and tweets that limit our character quantity to 140 (I think), some genius came up with this idea to squeeze a poem into said space and call it…micropoetry.  Basically forcing cutsie, funny, heartfelt, emotionally charged poems to be squeezed in to 140 characters…and mean something.

There are numerous websites, blogs and twitter accounts that are solely used for this purpose generating “word prompts” as a sort of guide for you to follow.  Most of them will send out different prompts on a daily or weekly basis to their followers and then….magic.  For months, I’ve been seeing people post these little poems that seemed to have no rhyme (no pun intended) or reason and end with the hashtag (#) of whatever site gave the prompt.  Finally, I asked someone what it was all about and, I’m so glad I did.

I already love to write poetry but it has to be inspired.  I can’t just sit down and think — poetry.  What I like about the prompts is that it gives you that outline needed, whether it be one word or two, and makes you search your brain to come up with something that works.

The entire purpose of my blog is geared in one direction and because I have anal tendencies (lol), I like a certain order to things.  So for me, the micropoetry I write needs to reflect my story.  You can see this on my Healing Haiku page as well.  With that being said…

Prompt: chaos & calm (Click for pic)
A visual impairment no other can see.
Continuous filmstrip of just you and me.

Whether my eyes are open or shut tight,
Images play on through both day and night.

Life of sheer perfection, always in your arms
Some days I’m your chaos, you forever my calm

Foretold is our destiny and it is close at hand
Intertwined souls on earth as woman and as man.


Prompt: nightfall
Upon daybreak
with bated breathe
anticipation of
quiet calmness

Upon nightfall
with rapid heart
certainty of
endless strife


Prompt 1: when she left (Click for pic)
Prompt 2: the little things
When she left she took all that he loved away.
Her face, eyes and smile no longer to see each day.
Those were the hardest things for him to part
Worst of them all, she took with her his heart.


Prompt 1: out of the darkness (Click for pic)
Prompt 2: breeze of desire
Prompt 3: immortal hands
Out of the darkness
With a breeze of desire
You came to me in the night
Cradled me in your arms
With immortal hands vowing
To hold me all your life.


Prompt 1: cloak of rain (Click for pic)
Prompt 2: no control
Under dark cumulus clouds
her howling sorrow was eased.
For she knew under the cloak of rain
She’d have no control of her tears.
And no one would see her pain.


Prompt – the only one (Click for pic)
I’ll never forget the day
You appeared before me
Some say a chance meeting
I believe it was divine decree

Your love and attention
So determined to gain
We’d talk each day for hours
Through sunlight or rain

My heart on my sleeve
Was solely yours to secure
Seeing right through me
Telling me you wanted more

We declared our love and
With each day that passed
I knew you were the only one
My first and my last.


Prompt – thoughts
All of my thoughts
are jumbled in rhyme
Sometimes they

are in haiku time
5-7-5 help me please

see what you did to me


Prompt: love’s purgatory (Click for pic)
Twin flames in denial
cause the universe unrest.
The consequence.
in love’s purgatory
until shared souls
makes sense.


Prompt: taste of love (Click for pic)
Eyes closed
I clearly see
your mouth
your tongue
Taste of love
salty & sweet.
My breath
deepens and
my heart beats.


Prompt: the mirror within
Like a vampire
you bled me dry.
I will not follow
nor will I die.
Time to embrace
the mirror within.
See the atrocity
and sin.


Prompt: rough touch and /or healing touch (Click for pic)
Wake me at dawn
infect me with
your healing touch
caressingly memorize
each of my curves
as we lay tangled
within each others arms
throughout the day
into the darkness
approaching moonlight
ricochets off each
and every feature
instinctually you
crave the gentleness
of my tender yet
rough touch to
guide you back
to tranquil sleep.


Prompt: vulnerable petals
My emotions.
Each a vulnerable petal in the sun.
Withering with every harsh word.
Crushed to dust.
Blown away with the wind.


Prompt: quicksilver
Fearing the truth
made her an enemy
way too soon.
Like a quicksilver
shot in the night.
Never will see her
in the dark or light.


Prompt: broken window
Watching and waiting
Stalking your prey
Through my window
Like a thief in the nite
You were unprepared
And I am broken no more


Prompt: soulmate
When it’s just him and me
My soulmate smiles genuinely.


Prompt 1: feasting ravenously (Click for pic)
Prompt 2: rising from the ashes
As you witness
the demon
claws ripping
teeth dripping

Abrupt silence
floods the
hypnotic scene
flesh is gone
bones are clean
rising from the ashes
you seem unscathed

As you turn to walk away
with cavalier control you say
now I have no body
and you have no soul
but you’re stuck in hell
and I’m free to go.


Prompt: sparks of desire (Click for pic)
Memories flicker
through images
times in the past
To he who holds
my soul from
day one to my last.

An err in judgment
took me through
years of hell and fire
but for him there are
still and will always be
sparks of desire.


Prompt: false prohet (Click for pic)

raised brow
conniving grin
wringing hands
evil plot spins

vowing safety
salvation too
sly false prophet
knows what do to

naive trust sees
no intent to mar
thus surrendering
all that you are


Prompt: maelstrom (Click for pic)
key unlocking
nervous rocking
playful quip
bleeding lip

couldn’t wait

swift and just
to him a must
maelstrom life
of a battered wife


Prompt: ochre moon (Click for pic)
Her pale blue irides
squint at the glare
of the ochre moon
as it exposes
the dry tear stains
running down
her tranquil face.


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