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Yesterday, I watched this ad and it struck a chord. The light bulb went on or maybe I had an “aha moment”. Not only because I’m a woman or because I have two daughters but it made me realize how much impact the words of others have on us. All of us. Because of our gender. Because of the color of our skin. Because of where we live. Because of the amount of money we have. There always seems to be someone drawing a line and telling us to stay behind it. Telling us what we can and can’t do.

Sometimes, we believe them.

I love the way Always put this ad together. The importance of letting our youth know there are no limits is something we can’t put on hold.  More specifically, due to the continuing limits placed on females as a society, if that starts in youth, it truly has a very damaging effect on the psyche.  This can lead to decisions that will end up wreaking havoc in a young girl’s mind that may very well change the course of her life.  It’s true, woman have come a long way since the 1800’s and even from the 1950’s but when you continually hear that “you can’t” do something it becomes your truth and eventually you don’t even try.

Self worth has no limit.