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RonovanWrites Weekly Haiku
Poetry Prompt Challenge #80

This two word combo brought me right back to the 80’s.

This week’s prompt words are:  Style & Fresh

Back in the 80’s,
Your style was funky fresh,
Or it was straight whack.

This may not be a proper haiku but it was fun and a good laugh for Monday morning.



Sunday Sonnet

RonovanWrites Weekly Haiku
Poetry Prompt Challenge #70

Ronovan enjoys racking our brains a little too much, I think.

This week’s prompt words are:  Crane & Gold

Expect great changes,
When we broaden our thinking,
Reap gold in wisdom.

Expect great changes when we broaden our thinking.
When we broaden our thinking, reap gold in wisdom.

A Bit Challenging

My mood has been somewhat -wishy washy- this past week.  I thought about taking a break from all social media, blogging, etc. Basically… people in general. I’ve been feeling an overwhelming need to withdraw. Not really sure why. I even passed up Ronovan’s Haiku Challenge last week.  Thought about doing the same again this week.  Then I just sat here.  Figured, let me just suck it up and write a haiku.  What’s the big deal?  Of course, me being me, I need to check the words from last week and see how to incorporate them with this week’s prompt words and still come up with something that has a personal meaning to where my mind is presently at.

Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Prompt Challenge #67 Prompt Words: Cheer & Call and Challenge #68 Prompt Words: Muse & Pen.  No problemo.  Right?  Write.

I’m never good with titles, and giving this haiku one proved to be a little difficult.  My reason for giving it this title is mostly because of what the haiku itself is saying.  It’s not always an easy task to think about one’s past and still move forward optimistically and confident.  Sometimes it can be …

A Bit Challenging
Reflect on dried ink,
As optimism guides you,
With renewed command.

Decided to use synonyms this week:
cheer – optimism
call – command
muse – reflect
pen – ink

My take on opposing themes:
Reflecting (on the past) & Renewed (looking to the future)

Hope you guys enjoyed.

Pheromonial Dance

RonovanWrites Weekly Haiku
Prompt Challenge #64Tide & Flesh

Pheromonial Dance
The scent of his flesh,
Causes waves of emotion,
Desire takes hold.

The undercurrent,
Draws us towards each other,
As our flesh glistens.

Ravenous creatures,
Feeding on one another,
In streaming moonlight.

When the tide rolls out,
Nothing else to do but sleep,
Our bare skin embraced.

The Trade Off

Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Prompt Challenge #63

I’m not going to lie, I saw Ronovan’s prompt choices and rolled my eyes. I’m not sure if this is something anyone else who participates in these weekly haiku challenges does but, when I see two words that I can relate to I feel like Ronovan is handing them to ME directly, kind of like – here, these are totally for you.  Then there are the weeks that I see words like Stag & Noise and think, he is doing this to ME on purpose just to see if I can still come up with anything relative to my story.  I’m convinced this is a side effect of one too many haiku challenges! However, even with the aforementioned eye roll (my trademark), I actually could not stop writing. (HA! So there!) 🙂

#1 – Don’t fuss over me,
Living in solitary,
And roaring silence.

#2 – Me, myself and I.
Doing just fine, without you,
and the turbulence.

#3 – Incessant howling,
The menacing wolf spreads fear,
Alone in the pack.

#4 – Your mind numbing squawk,
Reminds me time and again,
Silence is golden.