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Off The Cuff


As much as I knew I would be here…today, the thoughts of what I want to say and need to say are jumping around like the bubbles in last night’s champagne.  So, in keeping it simple, I’ll just say…Happy New Year!  It’s the long awaited and eagerly anticipated 2017.

I haven’t been here in so long, not for any horrifying or unsettling reasons.  More so for a necessary mental respite from spewing the facts of my life.  As much as it was good for my soul and my growth, it also felt like it became an overwhelming (self inflicted) responsibility.  One I was semi prepared for yet not close to ready to take on.

Aside from the basics of my story, those specific details which have been dormant for a long time, there were a slew of other things – detached from the topic – that were going on simultaneously.  I needed to concentrate on those things without feeling guilty for not being present, with you.

Now that everything else I was dealing with is under control, I feel like I can come back and start teething again on this blog.  For those here that I got to know well, rest assured I’m safe.  It’s only day one of 2017, but I’m looking at it’s entirety in the palm of my hand and I’m bursting with excitement.

Health & Happiness to all of you this year and always.


Sweet Heart Series: Day 6

When I am in the mood to laugh…I mean seriously crack up, I know exactly where to go.  It was not easy to choose which post was funnier.  This chick really has a way of describing a situation.  When shit hits the fan I don’t think there is anyone that can describe it better.  She really puts a special spin on workplace shenanigans.  Even if it means she has to laugh at herself by posting about her most embarrassing real life situations, she’ll do it.  Do NOT dare her.  Take a moment to enjoy…Aussa.

This one was posted by:  HACKER. NINJA. HOOKER. SPY.

There is a person who sits across the hall from me whom I refer to as “The Goat Man” due to his collection of myotonic—aka “fainting” goats.  While I’m no expert on the topic of fainting goats, I’d imagine they appeal to two types of people—those who are freaking hilarious and those who are painfully awkward.

The Goat Man falls into the latter category.

He and I have a complicated history that began three years ago when I was at the bottom of the food chain and he was the boss of the boss of my boss.  One year later I was vastly promoted and now plague him as his equal.

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