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RonovanWrites Weekly Haiku Prompt Challenge #46
Prompts: Think & Fresh

No past memories,
When I think of the future,
A fresh start excites.


The Knight & The Damsel

Another week, another Haiku challenge…#44 to be exact.

If you are not familiar with haiku poetry, this is it in a nutshell:

  • You have three lines of poetry.
  • 17 total syllables in the 5/7/5 pattern.
  • You normally tell two opposite images in the poem.
  • Lines one and two should read as a complete sentence and lines two and three should read as a complete sentence.

This week’s word prompts are Charge & Lovers.  Here is my interpretation and I felt this week needed some accompanying artwork, shown below.  Thanks again to Ronovan for hosting.

Their chapter and verse,
Lovers cloaked by the shadows,
Valiantly take charge.

Their chapter and verse, lovers cloaked by the shadows.
Lovers cloaked by the shadows, valiantly take charge.


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Say it ain’t so….I missed last week’s Haiku challenge!  What can I say, the week just got away from me.  Determined not to let that happen again, here I am.  And because I adore my #Haikumily, I am combining last week’s prompt words (Love & Last) along with this week’s prompt words (Source & Thought).  Another week full of mush…don’t judge me! 🙂  As always, thanks to Sir Ronovan, for hosting the Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge. He really is top notch.

I was your first love,
Falling deep and forever,
You will be my last.

This beautiful man,
The source of my every thought,
Faith, hope and focus.


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